• A mock-up of earthquake resistance house build by Disaster Research Center and Ministry of Housing
  • 2007 earthquake in West Sumatra
  • An internasional Seminar hosted by DRC Andalas University (PSB-Unand)

Welcome to the website of Disaster Research Center (DRC) of Andalas University in Padang, Indonesia. We known locally as Pusat Studi Bencana (PSB) Universitas Andalas, abbreviated as PSB-Unand.


Disaster Research Center of Andalas University is one of the study centers in Andalas University that is established to fulfill the need of community in West Sumatra in dealing with disaster. More...

Vision & Missions

Our vision is to be a leading study center in the world and proactively promote any activities related to disaster in the world. More...


The objective of the center is to develope the knowledge and technology in form of research, education, training, consultative to community and goverments.


Main activities: research, education, training, and consultative.
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