Disaster Research Center of Andalas University (Pusat Studi Bencana (PSB) Universitas Andalas) is one of the research/study centers in Andalas University that was established to fulfil the need of community in West Sumatra in dealing with disaster. The establishment of the center was initiated by Lecturers in Engineering Faculty; especially from Civil Engineering Department. It was based on the idea that all the potential resources at Andalas University should be in synergy to help the community in West Sumatra in dealing with disaster. Before the center was established, many activities related to disaster had been carried out; however they were conducted in small groups or individually. Some of the groups are Earthquake and Tsunami Study Group, KOGAMI (Tsunami Ready Community), West Sumatra Clinic Construction. On January 2007, Disaster Study Center of Andalas University was officially established by Rector Decree No. 64/XIII/A/UNAND-2007.

Vision and Missions

The vision of the center is to be a leading study center in the world and pro-actively promote any activities related to disaster in the world.
The mission of the center are:

  • To carry out any research related to disasters in the world
  • To carry out process of identification, gathering and spreading information and provide the solution in disaster management
  • To develop any activities related to risk reduction programs
  • To provide consultative program to the needed parties
  • To do real activities in making community can live together with disaster
  • Objective

    The objective of the center is to develop the knowledge and technology in form of research, education, training, consultative to community and governments.