Our Activities

DRC Previous Activities
  • Booklet
    Working with Earthquake and Tsunami Study Group

    Promptly after tsunami Aceh, West Sumatra community are curious about the potential disaster in this area. Earthquake and Tsunami Study Group of Dept. Civil Engineering Andalas University are responsible to explain academically about the hazard by publishing the pocket book about Earthquake and Tsunami in West Sumatra and distribute freely because there are some sponsorship support them.

  • Map
    Survey, Assessment, and Mapping

    Based on the experts (Prof. Kerry Sieh and Dr. Danny Hilman Natawidjaya) analysis about the tsunami inundation which is probably strike several area in West Sumatra about 4-5 meter above sea level, so KOGAMI did the elevation survey in Padang. The results are the elevation zones:
    Red zone/dangerous zone (0-5 m asl)
    Yellow zone/beware zone (5 -10 m asl)
    Green zone/safe zone (>10 m dpl)
    The elevation map also equipped with the evacuation routes and multistory buildings in Padang. With this map we know our location and prepare our self according to the elevation zone. People in the dangerous area could determine the nearest evacuation route and safe area when disaster happen.

  • Clinic
    Working with Clinic Construction

    Clinic Construction is established to do rehabilitation and reconstruction program after the 6 March 2007 earthquake in West Sumatera. Its members are all Universities and all Associations related to the construction in West Sumatera and coordinated by Andalas University. Some of activities are to verify the damage level, to be facilitator during reconstruction.

  • Trainings
    Working with IOM & Muslim Aid

    The knowledge of the people and the skill of builders in building the resistant earthquake house have important role in reducing the risk of housing damage due to earthquake. Department of Civil Engineering and Disaster Study Center are working with IOM and Muslim Aid in upgrading the knowledge and skill of people and builders in 80 counties in West Sumatra.

  • Consultations
    Disaster Study Center and Parliament

    Disaster Study Center explained to the parliament from Jogjakarta about the mitigation program in West Sumatra.

  • Last Mile Project
    Disaster Study Center and DLR Germany

    Germany-Indonesia have launched the so called Last Mile project to build the tsunami evacuation system. Disaster Study Center and DLR-Jermany take part in the project to conduct evaluation of existing building in Padang city that can be used as vertical evacuation target.

  • Symposium
    Disaster Study Center and Symposium

    Disaster Study Center became main sponsor in Symposium on Disaster in Indonesia held in Padang 26-28 July 2007. The symposium objective is to gather any information about disaster in Indonesia and the world to improve the system in future.

  • Survey
    Disaster Study Center and JSCE

    Disaster Study Center and Japan Association of Civil Engineering (JSCE) are collaborated in identification of the impact of 12 & 13 September 2007 earthquake from Padang to Bengkulu.

  • Build
    Disaster Study Center and Minister of Housing

    Disaster Study Center and Minister of Housing are jointly to develop and socialize the simple earthquake resistant house. One mock-up house had been built in Faculty of Engineering.

  • Recent Activities

    Study of Landslide in Agam (PSB Unand)
    Study of Debris flow in Limau Manis (PSB Unand dan PSB UGM)
    Retrofitting of Houses in Padang and Padang Pariaman (PSB dan Mercy Corps)
    Capacity Building of Builders in Painan (PSB dan Ristek)
    Lesson Learned from Christ Church Earthquake (UGM-Unand-GNS)
    Study of Abration in Indonesia (BNPB).